There are currently more than 75 different research projects underway at the Steele Research Center. We're proud to provide funding to keep this research going and help the future generations.


We have established three endowment chairs to generate income that lasts forever and attract top-notch medical talent. The Arizona Elks Endowed Chair in Statewide Pediatric Research/Arizona Elks Endowed Faculty Research for Technology and Innovation as well as The Arizona Elks Chair in Neonatology Research are pillars of our outreach.


We need your help to continue donating to these amazing children.

Books, toys & more

There is simply no price that can be assigned to the thousands of books, toys and other necessity items that have been donated from the Elks that have brought a smile to a sick child’s face. We are immensely grateful for these priceless gifts from the Arizona Elks lodges throughout Arizona! Click below to head to our Amazon Wish List to donate some of these items directly to us.

The Arizona Elks Major Projects (AEMP) commitment to the work of the Steele Children’s Research Center began in 1992. The Elks have made a significant difference in children’s health raising more than $9 million for Steele. In 2022, the AEMP has begun a 5 year commitment to raise $2.5 million for Steele that will be focused on healthy brain development in children through the protection against injury; nutrition and brain development; and causes, diagnosis, and treatment of injury. Arizona Elks provides direct support for the Marvin Lewis Pediatric Teaching Center, the Arizona Elks Pediatric Clinic, the Phoenix Translational Research Center, and have endowed three chairs at Steel. The Nanotechnology Research chair is making major research discoveries about potentially fatal diseases; the Statewide Pediatric Research chair helped establish the Phoenix Branch of Steele in order to treat a greater number of children in the state; and the Technology and Innovation Fund invests in the latest cutting edge instruments to ensure scientists have the tools to discover breakthroughs for children. On the sixth floor of the Steele Center research tower, three laboratories were underwritten by the Arizona Elks, and a charter wall lists the specific lodges and individuals who participated in that effort. Additionally, thousands of books, toys, beanies and blankets have been distributed in the hope that no child leaves the Elks Pediatric Clinic empty handed.

We've donated so many Toys, Blankets, Beanies, and Booties, we've lost count!

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When you choose to donate with the Elks you're choosing to help children find the best days they have ever experienced. With The Arizona Elks Major Projects, no child goes empty handed.

Statewide Pediatric Research Chair


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These are some of the young lives we have been able to change through the research and care of the Steele Research Center. These children remind us why we can never, ever, stop.