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Arizona Elks Major Projects

Diamond Club


Tim Woods
Larry and Diane Bodwell
Dan and Mary Snyder
Gregg and Jeanne Boyce
Al and Brenda Kayal
Diana Polk
Clem Brown

Alfred and Diane Skorupski
Frank and Eva Fieldhouse
Lisa Rivers
John and Carol Fuller
Bob & Beth Duitsman
Roy and Marsha Haddick
Rich and JoAnn Botkin
Shali Haas

Ken and Dianna Adams
John and Kathleen Doucette
Paul and Verna Green
Gail and Bruce Kragh
Ira Cohen
Mary Shaffer
Bob and Lisa Burns


Barry and Shawnee Carlile
Clifford Sias
Kathy Schellhas
David and Diane Gnuschke
Bruce Kather
Lawrence and Virginia Morrison
Robert Bahr
Thomas and Teresa DiSisto
Phillip Shoaf
Hank Thonnard
David and Vickie Dean
Larry Legge
Terry Mickelson
Gary Parsons
Anthony Sichi
Calvin Fong
Richard Kimberly
Ken Nelson
William Foucher

Jerry and Sandie Ingram
Brian and Sheri Gorski
Michael and Colleen Seeley
Mike and Vicki Way
John Drury
John Holtzapple
Roy Nilson
Dan Bradshaw
Ronald Wilson
Megin and Tony Goetz
Pam and Joe Carlone
Nancy Marshall
Kathy Elsesser
Mary and Steven Like
Susan Trecartin
Mike and Debra Murphy
Tim and Charyll McKean
Jerry Ham
Kyle Krivanek

Darrell and Susan Smith
Thomas Strupp
Grover and Deborah Ramsey
Lee and Betty Cook
Jerry and Linda Grimes
Katie Murdoch
Bruce Murdoch
Gloria Cisneros
Lawrence Morrison
Dennis and Deb Appel
Theresa Killough
Larry and Stephanie Pratt
Jerry and Kaye Ham
James Pell
Larry Malter
Paul Ertman
Danine Kelley
Donna Johnson
Vickie Squires

A monthly gift to AEMP is celebrated with:

A Commemorative Pin showcasing your membership

Your name displayed on our website as 'Diamond Donor'

Certificate of Appreciation

Recognition at AEA Conventions & Meetings